Collaboration with talented artists around the world

A variety of artists gathered for ENSO ANGO

We chose to work with Uchida design Inc., who specialize in innovative hotel form and function (Its founder, Shigeru Uchida designed Hotel Il Palazzo and The Gate Hotel Kaminarimon amongst others), and a broad team of designers and artists bringing a different flavor to each of the five buildings. From the furniture and decor to the sacred Japanese Chozu for washing one’s hands at the entrance to the hotel buildings, each hotel building has been created with contributions from artists who display their work inside our hotels whilst holding occasional workshops in the event spaces.

  • Gazanbo HIGUCHI

    Leading Japanese contemporary calligrapher , a member of Kyoto- based calligraphers’ group Bokujinkai.

    Calligraphy of FUYA II



    Travelling around 5 buildings and feel the living culture of the city


    Collaboration with talented artists around the world


    Each building offers exclusive guest only lounge with its unique characteristics.