Japanese culture-connect and experience

As you stroll through the streets and neighborhoods surrounding our five distributed buildings, you can enjoy the abundant local food, arts and crafts. A wealth of festivals and events take place year round, and as you walk between our five buildings you will happen upon all kinds of scenes of Kyoto’s daily life. This is the genuine face of the city that we endeavor to bring to our guests.



    For the first time, a priest from the temple Kenninji Ryosokuin in Gion will teach Zen meditation in a hotel.

  • YOGA

    Night Yoga: unwind your body and connect with yourself at the end of the day.

  • TALK

    The culture of Tatami developed to suit the unique Japanese climate.


    Experience a different face of Kyoto as you run through the gently-lit city streets


    Learn how to extract the essence underlying the flavors, this is known as Dashi, the cornerstone of Japanese cuisine.