Satisfy your curiosity for cultural experiences in Kyoto with Zen Meditation & Free-Flowing Cocktails

Ango Hotels Inc. (Kyoto, Japan: Yumiko Toeda President/CEO) is delighted to offer a fulfilling all-inclusive experience package, “ZANMAI,” starting from October 1, 2019, at Kyoto’s first dispersed hotel, ENSO ANGO.


The “ZANMAI” package includes Kyoto’s authentic cultural programs and sophisticated bar and restaurant experiences to all valued guests. Guests can also discover ENSO ANGO’s core concept as Kyoto’s first dispersed hotel by exploring 5 properties through this package.

The word “ZANMAI” (also pronounced “sanmai” as zen word) is originally from “samadhi” in Sanskrit that is defined as “oneness” or “meditative consciousness.”

Fulfilling All-Inclusive ‘Experience’ Package, “ZANMAI” at ENSO ANGO

ENSO ANGO offers a variety of Kyoto’s authentic cultural activities, including zen meditation, which Kyoto’s oldest zen temple (Kenninji Ryosokuin) senior priest lectures at Tatami Salon (FUYA II).
Guests are able to choose any programs* (approx. 2-3 programs/day) with a ‘Stay Advisor’ (Japanese & English bilingual staff) at the time of check-in at FUYA II.
* On a first-come-first-served basis/free of charge

ENSO ANGO also has 2 sophisticated bars (TOMI II and YAMATO I) and a Basque & Spanish restaurant, ‘La Rotonda’ (TOMI II). For this package, guests are able to enjoy cocktails from “ZANMAI” free-flowing menu at the bars. Guests will explore ENSO ANGO properties to satisfy body and mind experiencing refined bars and restaurant.

ENSO ANGO’s exceptional ‘experience’ package suggests to ‘eat, drink and be cultural’ while staying in Kyoto. Through this package, guests will feel ‘full’ of authentic Kyoto cultures in body and soul.

Package Details

The following are the package details offered at ENSO ANGO:

Start: October 1 (Tuesday), 2019

Package Includes:

  • Any Open Activity Programs *Some programs may need booking in advance

  • Welcome Drink (Matcha green tea at FUYA II) *Matcha green tea served at Japanese Tea Room or Ryurei-joku, a set of tea service table and chair

  • Aperitif / ‘Assorted Pintxos’ & One Drink* (TOMI II La Rotonda) *Either Sangria, ‘Cava,’ or Soft Drink

  • Cocktails / Free-Flowing (TOMI II Bar and YAMATO I Bar)

  • Breakfast / Spanish ‘Pintxos’ Style Buffet (TOMI II La Rotonda) or Traditional Japanese Style (TOMINOKOJI-DORI SALON)

  • For “ZANMAI” package, guests will check-in at FUYA II, and a ‘Stay Advisor’ will assist guests for arranging an activity schedule based on any open activity programs.
  • This is an additional package to be combined with any stay package that ENSO ANGO offers.

Rate: 15,000 Japanese Yen (Including consumption tax and service charge)
Reservation: Guests are able to make a reservation online or by calling ENSO ANGO Reservation Desk.
*“ZANMAI” package is applicable to all 4 properties of ENSO ANGO except YAMATO I.


Reservation & Inquiry

ENSO ANGO Reservation Desk
T: +81-75-585-5790
E: reservation.enso-ango@angohotels.com
URL: https://ensoango.com/en