Allow ENSO ANGO to take you on a journey deep into Japan’s ancient capital city.
Away from the crowded tourist attractions, hidden among the back streets of the city, lies the present-day culture of Kyoto.
An intriguing blend of antique and modern, of unwavering tradition and progressive innovation.

ENSO ANGO aspires to take the guests out of the static loop of large hotels and staged photo opportunities,
and into a dynamic world of organic city life.

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Guests are welcome to use all the facilities in each building.

ENSO ANGO's facilities are scattered within the central area of Kyoto while blending well into the local community.
As a hotel guest, you are welcome to use all the facilities in each building. Touring around the neighborhood of ENSO ANGO, you can enjoy various lifestyles and cultural scenes rooted in Kyoto.

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Kyoto's first ever member of Small Luxury Hotels of the World

Small Luxury Hotels of the World (SLH) have a presence in 80 countries, with over 520 modestly-sized, independently-spirited luxury hotels belonging to their collective. The ENSO ANGO brand have been chosen as the first hotel in Kyoto to join the SLH group.

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ENSO ANGO Social responsibility strategy

The operator and parent company of ENSO ANGO, Ango Hotels, believe that social responsibility is not just a philosophy, it’s a lifestyle.

We created and promote our own brand of shampoo, conditioner and soap which is used in our hotels. The brand products have not been tested on animals, as we believe in protecting their rights; in addition these products also break down easily and safely, reducing the negative impact on our precious biosphere.

We have greatly reduced the use of throw-away plastic items in our hotels in order to reduce garbage and keep our oceans free of plastics.

We collaborate with NGO's and organizations throughout Asia and choose to use their fair trade products in our hotel rooms, with the aim of protecting women's rights and eliminating child labor.

In our restaurant and lounges, we select locally-grown produce wherever possible.

ANGO Hotels: our key values, vision and points of action.
Endorsing and practicing a progressive way of life in our planning, purchasing and hotel operation.

  • Sustainability
    We make every effort to protect our environment and preserve precious resources.
  • Animal welfare
    We strive to coexist with and value the rights of animals.
  • Women progressing in society
    Within Japan and internationally, we choose to promote equal rights and opportunities without bias towards gender.
  • Cultural evolution
    To promote the preservation and evolution of culture through exchange and creativity.
  • Regional development
    Working and growing together with the local region, helping to sculpt its future.
  • Health in body and mind
    We practice a healthy working culture, placing great emphasis on the health and well-being of our staff and guests alike.
  • Celebrating diversity
    We believe that diversity brings strength, and work to ensure that no-one is discriminated against due to age, gender or race.